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Competency in Freshness and Variety

For more than fifty years, Großmarkt Hannover wholesale market has been a synonym for firstgrade goods, top quality and excellent service. Großmarkt Hannover is a fixed factor in the capital of Lower Saxony as well as in the surrounding area, meeting the demands for fresh fruit and vegetables of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, restaurants, canteens and large-scale consumers for decades.

Facts and Figures

The Großmarkt Hannover facilities are conveniently located, allowing customers to purchase their goods quickly. Loading zones are easily accessible for delivery vehicles.

  • 600 staff members in nearly 60 businesses are working on our 230.000 m² premises.
  • Großmarkt Hannover wholesale market offers freshness, top quality and an attractive variety of products. More than 100.000 goods from the Hanover area and from all around the world.
  • More than 1.000 tonnes of fruit, vegetables, flowers and groceries are turned over, every day.
  • More than 1.000 parking spaces in the immediate vicinity keep distances as short as possible and make sure goods are kept dry during loading.
  • The automated recycling machines support sustainability. Tenants and customers use it to dispose waste according to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act.
  • Additionally, Großmarkt Hannover offers its customers weighing on a set of calibrated scales up to 50 tonnes, storing spaces, a limited cold store capacity, central power supply, a gas station, a car repair and many other services.

Top Quality and Fresh Goods

Situated right in the center of Lower Saxony, Germany’s number one agriculture state, Hanover has a significant locational advantage. Local agriculture and a short supply chain guarantee top quality and fresh goods. Farmers harvest their field crops in the afternoon and sell them at Großmarkt Hannover at night.

Goods come as fresh as they can get – picked in the evening, sold the very same night. Local products from the growing areas in Hanover city and the Hanover region as well as fresh goods from all over the world are delivered to Großmarkt Hannover via a tight supply chain.

The freshness and top quality of our goods are certified. In addition to standard periodic controls by the veterinary offices, many businesses have joined an independent inspection group. These businesses commit themselves to have their goods exemplarily tested for residue at regular intervals.


The wide range of goods is a pleasure to the eye, colourful and varied, and includes both local and exotic fruit and vegetables. Find a rich and excellent variety of food from all over the world, especially Turkish and Arabian goods, and discover our range of wholefood products and convenience foods.

The agrarian state Lower Saxony stands for top quality products sold on national and international markets. Großmarkt Hannover represents the capability of agricultural production in Lower Saxony and offers a rich variety of local goods.

From its origin as a superstore focused on fruit and vegetables, Großmarkt Hannover has developed into a capable supplier of goods and services for retailers.

Networking increases competency

As a member of several interest associations, Großmarkt Hannover uses the permanent share of experiences to increase its competency as a modern wholesale market for fresh goods.

  • Business development association of Germany’s fresh food markets (Gemeinschaft zur Förderung der Interessen deutscher Frischemärkte e.V. – GFI)

Großmarkt Hannover is one of the initiators and founder members of GFI, the marketing association of Germany’s fresh food markets. GFI is a cooperative network which offers its members a broad communication platform to exchange information on issues of business competency. In addition, members profit from joint PR and advertising opportunities, e.g. a stand at the Fruit Logistica.

  • German fruit trade association (Deutscher Fruchthandelsverband, DFHV)

The DFHV membership makes sure that all businesses belonging to Großmarkt Hannover are constantly informed about any current topics and changes regarding our industry.

  • World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)

This international association unites the most important wholesale markets from all over the world and aims to promote their exchange of information. Großmarkt Hannover profits from this network of experts in establishing, structuring and managing a wholesale market.

If you would like to find out more about the wholesale market Großmarkt Hannover, please contact us via email: info@grossmarkt-hannover.de



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